Instructions on getting up and running with Kanso's command-line

  1. Step 1. Install CouchDB

    Installer Packages

    Grab the latest package for your operating system from the CouchDB website.


    If you are compling from source you might find Build CouchDB useful.

  2. Step 2. Install Node.js

    Why does Kanso need node.js?

    Node.js is used for the command-line tools only. With Kanso, the end result is a pure CouchApp you can host using CouchDB alone. Using node to write the associated tools allows us to do some powerful things by interpreting the JavaScript of your application.

    Get Node.js

  3. Step 3. Install Kanso command-line

    Kanso Logo

    Install using NPM

    sudo npm install -g kanso


    If you're on windows you'll have to use Kanso with cygwin until Windows is officially supported. See the Installing on Windows wiki page for more information.

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