Kanso documentation

A collaborative site documenting Kanso tools, packages and relevant CouchDB internals

Developing applications

Guides to help you get started building apps with Kanso. Here are some recommended tools and approaches, but since apps just use normal HTML and JavaScript, there are a whole host of frameworks and libraries available to you that may not be listed here.

For more information on the tools used by the community, browse the package repository.

Getting started


Screencasts and other videos on developing applications with Kanso.

  • CouchApps Reborn - A quick introduction to Kanso and the latest development tools

Users and authentication

CouchDB ships with a ready-made user database and cookie authentication built-in. These guides are releated to the login, logout and signup of users.

Permissions and validation

Manage who can access which databases and ensure the data in your database is valid.


The automatic rendering, parsing and validation of forms based on models or document type definitions.


Most these frameworks provide client-side URL Routing, some with additional support for models or templates.


There are a large number of client-side templating options available, and you probably already have your own preference. Here are some of the templating libraries documented for use with Kanso, though its possible to use any JavaScript template system.




This section covers the core tools and concepts underpinning the Kanso approach to development and should be relevant to every application developer, regardless of their choice of frameworks or other resources.


Kanso Tools

The command-line program used to manage packages and applications.


Using, building and distributing Kanso packages. These packages form the core of the Kanso approach to development and allow you to easily share build steps (such as compiling coffee-script or loading attachments) or resources (including libraries, views, templates etc).


For more information, examples, or answers to questions not answered by this wiki, the Kanso community may be able to provide you with support.