Kanso is the best way to create and share apps on CouchDB.

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Why develop apps with Kanso?

  • Offline capability: when the cloud's not there, your app will be - flexible data synchronization
  • Multi-platform: runs anywhere with CouchDB (Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and iOS)
  • Deployment: effortless to deploy, to the cloud or local machines, promoting quick iterations
  • Keep your data yours: now you can keep sensitive data in-house, and avoid sharing it with cloud services
  • Real-time: add live page updates from multiple users with the built-in changes feed
  • Scalability: easily grow from hobby-project to high-demand app with CouchDB
  • Easy to distribute: apps are easy to share and distribute, between people and servers
  • One language to rule them all: with just CouchDB and the browser, all you need to speak is JavaScript!

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Kanso can be described as the NPM for CouchApps, with tools for installing and publishing shared packages while managing dependencies. The Kanso community provides reusable build-tools, modules, templates and more via the online repository. Kanso's built around a powerful packaging system, meaning almost all the functionality can be customized by you.

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Developer community

Kanso is an open-source project written by developers using CouchApps everyday, in real-world projects. Kanso provides the tools to share code and resources, regardless of the way in which your app is built. It's easy to use coffee-script, less stylesheets, or any number of JavaScript frameworks in your app, and still benefit from the wealth of packages provided by the community.

Find other Kanso developers in #kanso on FreeNode, or on the mailing list.

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